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  1. dafniye


    I was wondering if anyone here is suffering from BPD? BPD is a borderline personality disorder. People often confuse it with bipolar disorder. But it's really not, there are many differences between them. My favorite way to differenciate them is with something I read online; bpd is bipolar disorder, but faster. So I suffer from BPD. I don't know for how long I have had it for, but I remember being this moody person ever since I was a child. I think it is related to some of my childhood trauma too. Bpd causes me to be moody, splitting, disassociating, going from feeling like I
  2. A safe space where you can share what you are feeling/thinking/going through atm or vent out whatever u feel. Feel free and be free. Let me start by saying that I feel happy rn and my mental health has been boosted a lot by these festivities around me with my family. I feel light. 🧡
  3. I have a couple friends, as well as myself sometimes, who go through severe periods of depression, anxiety and other mental disturbances mainly in one part of the year. I was wondering if anyone on LGN has experienced this too, as I don't want to feel alone on this matter. If you do have, when is it and how severe is it?
  4. I’ve made a Spotify playlist for my workout routine, but I want to know if you can help me with any suggestions to add to my playlist? They can be Gaga songs and remixes. But you can also suggest me any songs by other artists. I do cardio everyday, but I also work on my arms (Monday and Thursday), shoulders and Back (Tuesday), Legs and glutes (Wednesday and Friday) and abs (Thursday and Saturday)
  5. To be totally honest thanks to lockdown my mental health has really improved. Ik some you had a really hard time this lockdown but just know It'll be over soon. I'm used to the lockdown lifestyle, I always stay at home and never go out even before lockdown so I was pretty happy being in lockdown cuz I could isolate myself from all the shi*y people in my school and focus on myself for a while. Did lockdown affect you in a good way or in a bad way?
  6. Hi guys! I wanted to promote an amazing Instagram account I recently discovered, The Happy Boradcast ! Since the news is pretty much anxiety inducing, I wanted to find an alternative place to stay informed of the positive that's happening in this world! They often posts good news from around the world, and do a weekly roundup on Sundays! Also, aren't their illustrations so cute?? I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!
  7. Hi, I'm just here to say that you're amazing and that I hope you are having a great day, week or even month. I probably sound cheesy but I'm just here to send some positivity. It may seem futile but a small positive message can help encourage and motivate someone (coming from experience) so if you can, please spread kindness- especially to yourself.
  8. First of nothing, I'm living in Spain, so this situation it may be similar for those who are studying on a college. Right now, in my class, I have to go in person obligatorily from 3:30PM to 8:30PM, and i'm actually scared of all the virus situation. Three of my teachers didn't show up in class because they had close contacts, and they didn't show up on in three weeks of this trimester. Also, this week had like 3 or 4 hours daily, instead of the usual 6 hours. And, if this situation wasn't stressful as it is, the town where I live (not the same as the college) is almost confined. I'm actu
  9. Although I have already tweeted this but I shall post the same thing here too, hoping that it will reach out to more monsters and everyone else. So Merry Christmas to everyone especially to those who are alone, going through a hard time, struggling and fighting with any illness etc; I want you to know that you're so strong and I am proud of you, and you have the whole monster community with you❤ To those who have someone to spend this festive season with, appreciate and cherish the moment. In my opinion honestly, there's nothing to be celebrated as the virus is still around and as I am typing,
  10. I know this isn’t really Gaga related but... Yesterday’s Christmas didn’t feel like it at all and I did wonder if it was because I’m getting loaded and stuff but I think it’s because I’ve been hit so hard this year with everything that has gone on. Did anyone else feel like this? ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  11. MENTAL HEALTH SECTION Your mental health is important to us and it should not be ignored. On LGN we like to provide a section dedicated to discussing mental health and disorders. This includes but is not limited to sharing stories, daily struggles, updates, and etc. This is a no-judgement and safe space for all users. We encourage everyone to discuss and share their stories. RULES All users should be kind, respectful, and open-minded on everyone’s thread; show empathy and compassion to everyone’s situation. DO NOT enter this section with the intent to joke, judge, bash, gasligh
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