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Little Monster Since

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  3. Hello I’m a graphic designer I applied for a lot of jobs during the pandemic process, but I did not get positive results.I could not find a job even though I had been educated for this job for years.I started to question myself and started to affect my mental health because it upset me so I hope I can find a job soon because I do not want my creativity to be blunt and I need money on these days only thing is give me hope is Lady Gaga Thank you for reading and sorry for my english if ı write something wrong
  4. Long hours and diminishing work-life balance post-shutdown are causing their own silent mental health epidemic. Bosses and workers alike have found the last six months the most stressful since the pandemic hit our shores. A recent survey by Employment Hero of 1000 New Zealand employers and employees found that the majority of respondents from each group were worried about their mental and physical health as well as financial wellbeing. Recruitment agency Employment Hero's head of HR Alex Hattingh said working long hours, ongoing uncertainty about snap lockdowns and the inability
  5. To anyone else who is currently doing online school, how is it treating you? It's been really stressful recently so I haven't been able to come on here as much as I want to :(
  6. Hey everyone! We all know that Gaga supports the fight against Mental Health. But I want to know, if Gaga helped you fighting Mental Illness and how? Here's my story: In 2015 when I was 16 years old, my life made a 180° twist. I was starting my schooling which meant new school, new people, new stuff. I was lucky to have a few friends from secondary school with me, so I wasn't all alone. A few weeks later it all began. I got up one morning, got ready for school and on my way to school I got a call that my best friend has died in a car accident. I met a friend every morning at a
  7. May is designated as Mental Health Awareness Month, an opportunity to highlight the importance of positive emotional well-being and its impact on a person's life quality. This is the month we all need to work to remove the stigma associated with people suffering from mental illness. Let's take advantage of the month of May to call on everyone about the importance of taking care of our mental health as a vital part of our well-being and, on the other hand, ending the stigma that exists on people with mental illness. Recognizing that we need professional help to treat mental health problems
  8. So a month ago I have gotten covid 19 and I just wanted to share my experience with you all after all it depends from person to person but I will tell how it went for me. So the 1st day I had covid I didn't feel much except having my head hurt a little. Then the 2nd day when I woke up I woke up with a very big headache and it was impossible for me to look at a screen. The 3rd day I began coughing(my throat didn't hurt) and had a bigger appetite. On the 4th day i lost my scent. On The 5th day my headache was gone completely but my back started hurting like crazy. I got my scent back after a we
  9. Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if I'm the only one who really want to go to the chromatica ball but cant because it's to stressful to plan a trip, found a place to sleep and found the arena in a place you never went.. I mean just the idea of all of this organisation makes my heart beat to fast lol and its just the big lines..
  10. Hello everyone, continuing with the Mental Health Awareness Month activities, today we will talk about Social Media and how it affects our reality. My best friend sent me this video yesterday and it is really interesting since I felt identified in the little sketch the creator made in this video, social media has been part of my depression and anxiety. I really believe that must of people insecurities is because of what we seen on social media. We have to detox our social media, it’s okay to unfollow, it’s okay to block, it’s okay to uninstall an app. Just do anything yo
  11. What are the green flags of a relationship according to you? We always discuss the red flags and the toxicity, I want to discuss the positive aspects too. My partner does little things that would go unnoticed by other people, but mean so much to me. For example, three days later we have Eid, which is a celebration for Muslims around the world after Ramadan. He just wished me three days earlier because he wanted to be the first one 🥺❤️ My sister told me today that ever since I've been talking to him, I've been happier. And that I don't have as many outbursts anymore. I guess ot
  12. Hello little monsters I am starting this topic because i want people to feel better about themselves and just to tell somebody how you day was to help a little bit. I will start, my day has been good today, i got an xp-pen for school and its a 9/10
  13. Be kind with your mind. If you are struggling with something you will get over this. Take care little monster, the monster family is here for you 🤍
  14. Hey monsters, how are y’all? I suffer from erythrophobia, which if you do not know it’s the fear of blushing/turning red in front of people. It causes social anxiety and it forces you to become very introverted and quiet. I want to share an example: So a couple of weeks ago my friend invited me over for dinner with her mom (mind you this was the first time i met her mother). When I got there she told me that there was going to be another couple joining us, so I was already dreading the idea of sitting at the table and have any attention on me. Of course at some point someon
  15. US health regulators have lifted an 11-day pause on the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Covid-19 jab, but will add a warning label about the potential for extremely rare blood clots. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) panel earlier approved restarting US rollout of the shot. Fifteen vaccine recipients suffered from a dangerous blood clot out of nearly eight million given the jab. This week, Europe's drug regulator also ended restrictions on the J&J vaccine. European regulators this month also linked similar, highly unusual blood clots to the AstraZeneca
  16. Hi! I hope everyone is doing well around here. I wanted to ask, how do you deal with cat calling or people much, much older than you hitting on you? I get so stressed out about this, just a few days ago my principal hit on me through text messages while I was talking to him about our exams and at that moment, I didn't realize that it was creepy until I told my friend much, much later and then I realized how wrong that was, and honestly, I'm not ready to face him again when school opens. We do have to go to school for on-campus exams, so I'm stressing out about seeing him. In 9th gr
  17. Have your parents ever treated you differently then your siblings? In a good way or a bad way? I have experienced this since childhood. My mother clearly prefers my brother over us all siblings, and my dad, he used to always defend us girls against him but now my brother's his favorite too. It obviously engraved a deep complexity inside of me, and I always feel jealous of my brother. I know that I am more academically and behaviorally better than him, but still, he's the golden son and I'm just another one of their three daughters. One thing that irks me the most is I'm grouped as
  18. Portugal has registered no coronavirus-related deaths for 24 hours for the second time since the pandemic began. The last time the country reported no daily deaths was in early August. The positive news on Monday follows a lengthy lockdown that has helped Portugal to slash the infection rate to a fraction of its level in late January, when it was experiencing the worst Covid surge in the world. The country has reported 16,965 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 834,000 cases have been registered. https://bbc.in/3xrusIj
  19. A US state says it will offer young people a $100 (£72) savings bond if they receive a Covid-19 vaccine. West Virginia says it hopes the payment for those aged 16 to 35 will "motivate" them to get the jab. "Our kids today probably don't really realise just how important they are in shutting this thing down," State Governor Jim Justice said on Monday. West Virginia had been among the top US states for vaccination rates, but progress has slowed in recent weeks. The incentive means those who are vaccinated within the age group can retrieve the $100, plus interest, at a later d
  20. My experience with attention deficit has been very strange to me, since it usually starts from childhood. But in my case it started from adolescence, from the eighth grade my academic performance dropped in an incredible way; I went from having high grades to failing classes. This has also hurt my personal relationships, but it has reached a point where this problem plus my depression and anxiety become a triple threat for me. I have never discussed this condition with anyone, since many tend to say that it is only a problem for children and that for adults it is an excuse not to do
  21. On a scale of 1-10. How happy are you? 1 = unhappy 10 = very happy If you’re (1-5) we love you and are here for you.
  22. Hello everyone, I hope you are okay and healthy. I want to bring up this topic for the Mental Health section because it is something that affects a lot of us, and we can feel really sad/depressed about it. I've actually recently gotten out of a Toxic Friendship and it put me in a really bad place but I have now recovered and am doing ok, I also know a lot of people who have been/still are in Toxic Friendships and I can see how it effects other people. So, I want to know if you guys have been through this or if you know someone who was/is affected by a Toxic Friendsh
  23. The UK has just entered another national lockdown, I know lockdown is hard for many so if you feel you need to vent or rant, here's your place to do so! I personally am not impacted by it but I know so many people are so I wanted to make this post as a safe space for those who ARE impacted.
  24. I think this is THE MOST IMPORTANT question to ask, mental health problems are mostly caused by things that are happening in each household. Directly or indirectly... I would gladly listen to you guys, and share my own experiences!
  25. Hello everyone! I've thoughtful a lot about going to therapy. I think it is time to have professional help to improve my mental health and not continue destroying myself little by little. Do you have any experiences or opinions about going to therapy?
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