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  1. Guys, one of my relatives died couple days ago... It wasn’t a result of covid but a natural death. But it made me think about all those people who passed away during the pandemic, in quarantine... and their loved ones who couldn’t say theşr proper goodbyes. If you have experienced this please share
  2. So a month ago I have gotten covid 19 and I just wanted to share my experience with you all after all it depends from person to person but I will tell how it went for me. So the 1st day I had covid I didn't feel much except having my head hurt a little. Then the 2nd day when I woke up I woke up with a very big headache and it was impossible for me to look at a screen. The 3rd day I began coughing(my throat didn't hurt) and had a bigger appetite. On the 4th day i lost my scent. On The 5th day my headache was gone completely but my back started hurting like crazy. I got my scent back after a we
  3. I used to be very confident as a child, but I started having body issues around the age of 14. I try to limit my meals a lot, going to the extremes of crash diets of eating only a certain product for 5-7 days straight which makes me lose weight obviously. My BMI is normal for my height, which is about 19.2. A normal BMI is supposed to be at 18-24 btw. I know that I am not fat, yet I can't help but feel disgusted and ashamed every time I see myself in the mirror. I sometimes eat and drink nothing but a glass of milk the whole day, and then the next day I might find myself binge e
  4. To be totally honest thanks to lockdown my mental health has really improved. Ik some you had a really hard time this lockdown but just know It'll be over soon. I'm used to the lockdown lifestyle, I always stay at home and never go out even before lockdown so I was pretty happy being in lockdown cuz I could isolate myself from all the shi*y people in my school and focus on myself for a while. Did lockdown affect you in a good way or in a bad way?
  5. Hi everyone! I've frequent anxiety-related pain and it's very painful. Especially my stomach my, headache... Do you have a pain caused by anxiety? If so, where is your pain?
  6. Hello every one, I’m creating this thread because I would like to know if you have had any experience with psychiatrists. I’m think a lot of getting professional help with one, and reading your experiences will help me a lot. Thanks for your replies.
  7. I have huge abandonment issues, and the source is mainly my childhood. How do you cope with them? I feel like everyone; my family, my best friend, my other friends are going to leave me one day. Or that the love and affection they show is just for show and tell and a facade. How do I stop thinking so negatively. I have this nagging thought in my mind that everybody will leave me one day and that in the near future I will be alone.
  8. Hey everyone I have a problem for quiet some time now. So basically my family is extremely homophobic and my dad threatened me many times to kill me if I'd ever tell him I was gay. In my school they bully gay people all the time so I can't tell im gay there either. It affects my mental health every single day because I always have to act like someone I'm not and Irdk if I can do this anymore. I can't do anything cuz I'm a minor so if you know what I can do to help myself pls write down below.
  9. Hello everyone. I know little about this disease but there are things I'm curious about. We saw Gaga suffer in the documentary (Gaga Five Foot Two) I feel so sorry for her. God bless her. How to get over this disease?
  10. Hey guys. I want to start meditation again. So I want your opinion. I have a focus problem. What can I do for this? Because I'm in a difficult time and I really need it.
  11. Hello monsters! How many of you meditate? I thought we could help each other to improve our techniques and maybe encourage people that are still skeptical to try it! I was one of them, until I tried! Now I meditate, in some periods more regularly than in others, but I really enjoy it. I do Transcendental Meditation and I found it definitely boosts my mood. I really enjoy doing it outdoor, especially when I'm in wild places like a forest, close to a waterfall or a river. I prefer "natural sounds" than recorded ones but sometimes (+ bonus you have that fresh breeze on your face 😍)
  12. I know sometimes it's not easy to examine oneself introspectively but for sure once you manage to spot your weak points, you know what to work on to improve and feel better with yourself! Is there something you don't like of yourself/your behaviour and you are trying to work on? For me, I'm aware I'm not a patient person and I've been working on it for years now. Sometimes I really struggle to keep calm and I overreact (most of the times I'm upset at myself though). What about you guys?
  13. In college, I get a scholarship for good academic performance and I want to save money. However, all the time I see something cool to buy that I want to have and I buy so everything. In the end, I don't save the money and I feel remorse that I spent money again on things I don't need and then I don't use them. When I buy a new thing, I again look at how much I've already spent this month and the guilt sets in again. I feel bad that the urge to buy suddenly is stronger than the urge to save. I've also noticed that at times when I have no income, I don't spend money on unnecessary things. I noti
  14. Hello everyone. I want to learn how you deal with this disease. I don't feel good. Can you explain how you coped?
  15. Hello everyone! I've thoughtful a lot about going to therapy. I think it is time to have professional help to improve my mental health and not continue destroying myself little by little. Do you have any experiences or opinions about going to therapy?
  16. I’ve made a Spotify playlist for my workout routine, but I want to know if you can help me with any suggestions to add to my playlist? They can be Gaga songs and remixes. But you can also suggest me any songs by other artists. I do cardio everyday, but I also work on my arms (Monday and Thursday), shoulders and Back (Tuesday), Legs and glutes (Wednesday and Friday) and abs (Thursday and Saturday)
  17. dafniye


    I was wondering if anyone here is suffering from BPD? BPD is a borderline personality disorder. People often confuse it with bipolar disorder. But it's really not, there are many differences between them. My favorite way to differenciate them is with something I read online; bpd is bipolar disorder, but faster. So I suffer from BPD. I don't know for how long I have had it for, but I remember being this moody person ever since I was a child. I think it is related to some of my childhood trauma too. Bpd causes me to be moody, splitting, disassociating, going from feeling like I
  18. Hi guys! I wanted to promote an amazing Instagram account I recently discovered, The Happy Boradcast ! Since the news is pretty much anxiety inducing, I wanted to find an alternative place to stay informed of the positive that's happening in this world! They often posts good news from around the world, and do a weekly roundup on Sundays! Also, aren't their illustrations so cute?? I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!
  19. Hi guys, Hope you're well and dandy (well, as much as we can in 2021) I wanted to discuss one issue that is affecting me A LOT, and I'm sure a lot of you as well. I suffer from a HUGE case of imposter syndrom. For those of you who don't know about it, it's a pathological way of doubting and refusing any personal accomplishement. I believe it's deeply rooted in my lack of self-esteem (probably born of years of bullying and impossibility to meet society's standards in pretty much every area, but that's another topic) and since I started my current job, almost four years ago now, it's
  20. Do you read Hope Kind Love Gaga book? I have it but ı can’t read it because my english is not very good ı’m so curious about peoples stories ı try to translate 1 page every day Did this book help you?
  21. I think this is THE MOST IMPORTANT question to ask, mental health problems are mostly caused by things that are happening in each household. Directly or indirectly... I would gladly listen to you guys, and share my own experiences!
  22. Hi, I'm just here to say that you're amazing and that I hope you are having a great day, week or even month. I probably sound cheesy but I'm just here to send some positivity. It may seem futile but a small positive message can help encourage and motivate someone (coming from experience) so if you can, please spread kindness- especially to yourself.
  23. Hey everyone! We all know that Gaga supports the fight against Mental Health. But I want to know, if Gaga helped you fighting Mental Illness and how? Here's my story: In 2015 when I was 16 years old, my life made a 180° twist. I was starting my schooling which meant new school, new people, new stuff. I was lucky to have a few friends from secondary school with me, so I wasn't all alone. A few weeks later it all began. I got up one morning, got ready for school and on my way to school I got a call that my best friend has died in a car accident. I met a friend every morning at a
  24. Be kind with your mind. If you are struggling with something you will get over this. Take care little monster, the monster family is here for you 🤍
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