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  1. Both are dark albums first of all, but at the same time tfm have a "sad" vibe, shows gaga's fears, shame and stuffs like "Dance in the dark"; the album cover may represent gaga shutting her mouth, cuz she's afraid to say something, covered with a latex outfit, like she's "dead" because she can't breath with that thing on her mouth, and she's stuck like a statue, it's the same thing when we are ashamed of something and we stay stucked on a place full of ppl. Btw is the complete opposite, cuz shows gaga's freaky way and she's cool with that, she celebrate it, even the "sad" songs like eog have a fun vibe; the album cover shows gaga with that mouth wide open, like she finally speaks her mind and like a motorcycle, like she finally is running for her purpose on life. I just LOVE this opposite that gaga brings to us
  2. The Capitol: The Capitol is comprised of Four Loops following the contours of The Sine River. Mother’s Peak: It is said that Chromatics derives all of its energy from Mother's Peak, o once active volcano with mystical pink magma goo. Legend has it that the Spiritually Evolved/Non-Binary are the only ones capable of stabilizing The Core, and thus have resided at the foothills of Mother's Peak in order to maintain the balance of Chromatica for many generations. North Bend: North of the River is an ever-evolving metropolis, with all the complexities and diversity that come with urban and suburban living. From highly refined, well-manicured City Centres for commerce and leisure, to densely populated residential areas, to quieter living on the outskirts of the respective Loops. The population here is generally more forward thinking, tolerant, and compassionate than the South. Every age and status is represented here and living in harmony. South Bend: South of the River is the "old" city. Things are more traditional -- in both architecture and way of thinking. This is where the government buildings are located, and most of the elders. Much of the South Bend architecture utilizes the resources of Babylon, giving the most prestigious buildings their green teal coloring. Babylon: Babylon is the result of beauty emerging from tragedy. Thousands of years ago, when Mother's Peak erupted, the discharge mixed with the saltwater from The Bay and turned Babylon into a glazed, jade-like ruin. Thank you Propagaga!
  3. The Chromatica Ball Are you attending The Chromatica Ball? Here's the best place to discuss and share your thoughts and experiences. Rescheduled Dates TBA - Paris, France TBA - London, England TBA - Boston, Massachusetts TBA - East Rutherford, New Jersey TBA - Chicago, Illinois All the dates were postponed on July 2nd
  4. The GRAMMYs have opened a poll to find out what is the Greatest LGBTQIA+ Pride Anthem. One of the artists on the list is our very own Mother Monster with her iconic single, "Born This Way" The list also includes "Ain't Nobody Straight in L.A" by The Miracles, "Bad At Love" by Halsey, "Boys" by Lizzo, "Freedom! '90" by George Michael, "I Wanna Be Your Lover" by Prince, "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross, "Let's Have a KiKi" by The Scissor Sisters, "Macho Man" by Village People, "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" by Shania Twain, "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" by Lil Nas X, "Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels" by Todrick Hall (who happens to be a good friend of Lady Gaga's choreographer, Richy Jackson), "Peacock" by Katy Perry, "Pynk" by Janelle Monae, featuring Grimes, "Ready For Your Love" by Gorgon City, featuring MNEK, "Somebody To Love" by Queen, "Supermodel (You Better Work)" by RuPaul, "Vogue" by Madonna, "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" by Sylvester, and finally, you have the option to vote for "Other". Click here to vote for "Born This Way"! Voting closes on Tuesday, June 15! Have a fantastic Pride Month, Everyone!🦄 🌈🏳️‍🌈
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new here but just wanted to share a Chromatica reaction video I finished for the anniversary. This album was such a celebration and brought us all together. Will the journey continue... who knows, BUT at least we have another archive of this iconic album 💕⚔️ Hope you enjoy it! ⚔️💕
  6. DJWS has shared on an interview for PAPER Megazine, part of the many ones celebrating Born This Way's Decade, that Born This Way was the track he spent the most time working on and also that he has at least 125 versions of it! "What was your own personal favorite track that you worked on on the album? That's hard to say, it's like asking to pick a favorite child. I like a lot of different songs for different reasons, but "Born This Way" as a track, I think it spent the most time working on. I probably have 125 different versions and I'm not even exaggerating. (...)" You can check out the full interview and a lot of the memories he recalls from working on the album by clicking here What do you think? Would you like to listen to some of those unheard versions?
  7. The me you cant see, made me cry I hate seeing gaga cry😢
  8. Hi, monsters! I listen to a lot of 70s to 90s singers apart from what's fairly popular in this day and age. I notice that plenty of those older-era singers relatively have more studio albums. By 'more' I mean A LOT MORE. It is understandable because they have lived much longer than younger artists, and probably we'll have modern artists grow their discography more and more in the future. But, seriously if you take a look at some of them: Cher (26) | Celine Dion (27) | Dolly Parton (51) | Barbra Streisand (36) | Aretha Franklin (38) | Diana Ross (24) | Prince (39) | Elton John (30) | David Bowie (25) | Marvin Gaye (25) | Sam Cooke (15) and even Frank Sinatra recorded a whopping 59 studio albums, although he went way back from earlier years. However, there are also singers I listen to like Stevie Nicks (8), Anita Baker (6), Tracy Chapman (8), Macy Gray (10) who have fewer albums. I don't know the exact average number or whatever, but looking at almost yearly albums from Elton, Cher, Celine, and Dolly Parton has only made me more curious about Gaga's future albums. Dolly Parton made the most extreme case here where she recorded 6 albums between 2008-2020. I mean... it's the same number as our queen's albums on her early career, whereas Dolly did in her later years (assuming they're relatively more productive in their younger years). I don't think that more albums necessarily mean a greater artist. But, I think it's still worth discussing lol. Moving on to the question: Why do you think those earlier singers released so many albums than artists nowadays? Is it the tour? (like they had fewer tours back then?) Or do you think the 2000s-2020s artists will catch up eventually? And ultimately, just for fun, how many albums do you think Gaga will have her entire career? Let's discuss!
  9. Hello little monsters! So, the fandom is going crazy about the petition for the release of ARTPOP Act II... Not sure where it will lead but anyway, why don't we take this moment as an opportunity to celebrate such a great album? For me, it's one of my favourites... I think the world will probably never be ready for ARTPOP, because of its nature... I don't think it's one of those albums that anybody can listen to shallowly and immediately like it... but I'm happy people have finally acknowledged it and are fighting to get the second act released. What are your thoughts about ARTPOP? What are your favourite tracks, MV, performances, outfits, interviews? ARTPOP (the song) is probably my favourite song... I love that Gaga sang it with bare feet too... It feels like if she manages to give voice to the art through her whole body... I also really like her performance with Elton: She seemed so happy and self-expressed 😍 I think the whole album is a great expression of her artistry, she really is unafraid to reference () and I think that's one of the things that make her a huge icon. I mean... these 11.46 minutes are pure art: You guys have probably listened to this but here is Gaga explaining every track of the ALBUM (bonus: listening to her voice is so soothing 😌): Can't wait to hear your thoughts about this controversial album! Whether we will get a second act or not (I do believe that at some point it will be released - I hope we will still be alive by then 😂), let's celebrate what we have 🔵
  10. Love to hear your stories about meeting gaga! Also what really stuck out in your mind about her? What surprised you about her in person? I met her backstage of Artrave and she was so switched on. Just a power and I already remember her ordering a red wine and coke. When I asked her what is that she replied it’s something she got from Spain and let me try it. Was very nice to be honest!
  11. What do you guys think of this look? I find it very cool!! And she looks badass.
  12. Welcome to the official ENIGMA and JAZZ & PIANO Discussion Do yo think we will get some changes now that Chromatica has been released almost a year ago?
  13. I know we all are still on Chromatica and we all are hoping for the era to start again 💗⚔ ...but do you ever think about the fact that Gaga is probably writing LG7? 2020 was such a different year! She must've spent a lot of time at home like eveybody... What do you think the next album will be about? What genre do you think it be? And when do you guys think we will have it? I personally feel that it will take a while for Gaga to release a new album, unless it will be part of the movie's soundrack... I also have this feeling that she might get pregnant soon 🙊 but who knows! Maybe being quarantined boosted her creativity even more and she already has a brand new album ready for us to dance to
  14. While I'm personally not a fan of Jazz music, I truly do enjoy it when it involves Gaga. So I'm pretty excited for it. I think everybody knows that Cheek to Cheek really saved Gaga. Like really saved her. Because she was depressed and unfortunately suicidal, Tony Bennett really helped her during that period of time. I can't help but wonder, during the Chromatica interviews, Gaga has said a lot of times that she was suicidal during the making of Chromatica and she was depressed. That she thought that why should she exist other than to be there for her family. The producing of Chromatica was mainly from 2018 - 2020. And that's when the Cheek to Cheek II album was recorded too. So could it be that Tony Bennett helped Lady Gaga again?
  15. Hi,its my first gaga thread.Anyways do you think the tour will happen?I supposse most of you have a ticket,i am still wondering to buy myself one.I read the UK government plans to remove all social distancing rules and after 21 July,they're allowing large events to happen with 100% capacity.For Paris i dont think it will happen, since the stadium is used as a vaccination place for 6 months i think.
  16. What do you about remix in general? I think a good remix must keep a little bit the structure of the original song and lyrics. I dont like when it just adds bass or smth els and change Nothing or change too much the song and you don't roconize it. I love "Lady Gaga the remix", my favorite are love game feat Marilyn Manson, boys boys boys Manhattan Clique remix, Bad Romance starsmith remix and many others. What is your favorite gaga remix? I don't think all the 911 remixs are good. And you?
  17. Everyone what do you think about this campaign? Why they not posted any new thing? Gaga posted so many thing about Voce Viva, Tudor... before this year Gaga’s contract with Dom Perignon is leaked ı’m not sure but ı think see on contract 7 Instagram Post and 12 Photo and now where is this things?
  18. Hey little monsters , how are you ? I've noticed a lot of accounts on Twitter got suspended , it's a mess. What's happening and why now ? 🥺
  19. Hi guys, have you seen the clubbing videos from Australia where played Replay 911 Babylon songs and Gaga retweeted replay one. Also I am really happy that part of Australia survived from corona and when I saw the videos I wanted to be in there. What do you guys think about it ?
  20. Hello little monsters I was woundering how lady gaga got her name i heard she got it from the queen song radio gaga. Fun fact whenever i hear radio gaga i like to swap out radio with lady to make lady gaga.
  21. During Chromatica era Lady Gaga has done many interviews: -The Tonight Show: At Home Edition -The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at Home -Jimmy Kimmel Live! From His House -Beats 1 -CBS Sunday Morning -People TV -Good Morning America -Japanese release of Chromatica -911 LG exclusive interview -Lady Gaga and Lamborghini What do you think was the most memorable? Mine's the CBS interview where she opened up about the darkness she had gone through.
  22. Hey monsters, so i think after the Gucci movie Gaga is gonna do more movies as shes taking her acting career really seriously (as she should ofc). So what genre of movie do you want to see her in and how would you describe it.
  23. I personally have the digi-book dlx international edition, but I didn't get so satisfied. The CD inside came scratched, so I'm seeking the box-set rn. Also, if the Urban Outfitters release a new vinyl of Chromatica with a cover sleeve, i'm going for it.
  24. In your opinion, what are gaga most difficult songs to sing from each of her album? To me: -The Fame: Paparazzi -The Fame Monster:Dance in the Dark -Born This Way: Marry The Night -ARTPOP: Aura -Cheek to Cheek: Lush Life -Joanne: Perfect Illusion -A Star Is Born Soundtrack: Before I Cry -Chromatica: Enigma
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