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  1. What would you say was Gaga’s biggest era? In terms of the album that got her the most attention from people who aren’t necessarily fans?
  2. Mine is: "Then the signal split in two The sound created stars like me and you Before there was love, there was silence"
  3. I think we all imagine music videos in our heads and sometimes they don’t live up to our expectations. I want you guys to share with me MV concepts you’ve had for Gaga songs that do have mvs but they’re not close to as interesting as your concepts.
  4. I'm thinking of a surprise music video or photoshoot. What does everyone think?
  5. I have seen a lot of stories from people where they shared very heartfelt stories with her about how she changed their lives. So, I was wondering what's something you have thought about that you would say to her if/when you meet her? Plus, if you've already met her, do share your experience please, as I love reading about her from different perspectives ❤️
  6. Love to hear your stories about meeting gaga! Also what really stuck out in your mind about her? What surprised you about her in person? I met her backstage of Artrave and she was so switched on. Just a power and I already remember her ordering a red wine and coke. When I asked her what is that she replied it’s something she got from Spain and let me try it. Was very nice to be honest!
  7. Since the beginning of her career she has spoken in french. What do you think of her accent?
  8. Not sure about which title I should give to this topic lol You probably saw this already, it's not a big deal, but I wanted to share it anyway. I was watching videos on youtube when I saw an add from Apple about their Mac laptops, and they put Gaga's picture from AHS behind the scenes where she's using her laptop 😂You can start watching at 3.36 (that's the add that appeared before the video I was watching). Gaga is at 3.53. It's just a picture, nothing relevant, but I was surprised to see her anyway 😅
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