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  1. In your opinion, what are gaga most difficult songs to sing from each of her album? To me: -The Fame: Paparazzi -The Fame Monster:Dance in the Dark -Born This Way: Marry The Night -ARTPOP: Aura -Cheek to Cheek: Lush Life -Joanne: Perfect Illusion -A Star Is Born Soundtrack: Before I Cry -Chromatica: Enigma
  2. What do you guys think of this look? I find it very cool!! And she looks badass.
  3. During Chromatica era Lady Gaga has done many interviews: -The Tonight Show: At Home Edition -The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at Home -Jimmy Kimmel Live! From His House -Beats 1 -CBS Sunday Morning -People TV -Good Morning America -Japanese release of Chromatica -911 LG exclusive interview -Lady Gaga and Lamborghini What do you think was the most memorable? Mine's the CBS interview where she opened up about the darkness she had gone through.
  4. Hi everyone! I was thinking about how Gaga's speaking voice has changed throughout the years and I found the perfect video on you tube. She had a sort of baby voice in 2008 and 2009 and it SUDDENLY changed in 2010. I have always wondered how it changed that fast, it's not like she was 15 and she changed her voice when she was 20, she was already in her 20s. What do you guys think? 😊
  5. Mine is: "Then the signal split in two The sound created stars like me and you Before there was love, there was silence"
  6. -Mine is Born This Way photoshoot by Nick Knight
  7. Guys, do you think Gaga is going to restart her Las Vegas Residency when it’ll be safe to do so? She had cancelled a few dates last year, and I think her contract was supposed to be two years long, so she should have been done with the residency by the end of 2020 I think (without covid). What do you think? Would you like her to continue the residency or not?
  8. Not sure about which title I should give to this topic lol You probably saw this already, it's not a big deal, but I wanted to share it anyway. I was watching videos on youtube when I saw an add from Apple about their Mac laptops, and they put Gaga's picture from AHS behind the scenes where she's using her laptop 😂You can start watching at 3.36 (that's the add that appeared before the video I was watching). Gaga is at 3.53. It's just a picture, nothing relevant, but I was surprised to see her anyway 😅
  9. I think we don't talk enough about how funny Gaga is. I mean, I truly love when she is hilarious without even trying to be 😂 She always makes me laugh, she's so genuine and smart! Let's share our favourite moments!! Here are some of my mine (but there's more, they will just come to my mind ) So... what about her cooking skills? Do you remember when she beat up that poor chicken breast with a pan? I still laugh thinking about it hahaha (look at 3:15) I love this episode of SNL so much 😂 It's hilarious hahaha 2:09 She's so funny 😂
  10. I have seen a lot of stories from people where they shared very heartfelt stories with her about how she changed their lives. So, I was wondering what's something you have thought about that you would say to her if/when you meet her? Plus, if you've already met her, do share your experience please, as I love reading about her from different perspectives ❤️
  11. I'll start. Whenever I say Sorry, I say it the way she said it at the Golden Globes. There's no going back for me now 😂
  12. While I'm personally not a fan of Jazz music, I truly do enjoy it when it involves Gaga. So I'm pretty excited for it. I think everybody knows that Cheek to Cheek really saved Gaga. Like really saved her. Because she was depressed and unfortunately suicidal, Tony Bennett really helped her during that period of time. I can't help but wonder, during the Chromatica interviews, Gaga has said a lot of times that she was suicidal during the making of Chromatica and she was depressed. That she thought that why should she exist other than to be there for her family. The producing of
  13. What is your favorite lyrics from chromatica? I really love "Before there was love, there was silent. I heard one sine and it healed my heart."
  14. Hey monsters, so i think after the Gucci movie Gaga is gonna do more movies as shes taking her acting career really seriously (as she should ofc). So what genre of movie do you want to see her in and how would you describe it.
  15. Guys, I don't know what to expect from this lol. There's a microphone and something is happening THIS Friday. Any ideas?
  16. Hi guys, have you seen the clubbing videos from Australia where played Replay 911 Babylon songs and Gaga retweeted replay one. Also I am really happy that part of Australia survived from corona and when I saw the videos I wanted to be in there. What do you guys think about it ?
  17. I know we all are still on Chromatica and we all are hoping for the era to start again 💗⚔ ...but do you ever think about the fact that Gaga is probably writing LG7? 2020 was such a different year! She must've spent a lot of time at home like eveybody... What do you think the next album will be about? What genre do you think it be? And when do you guys think we will have it? I personally feel that it will take a while for Gaga to release a new album, unless it will be part of the movie's soundrack... I also have this feeling that she might get pregnant soon 🙊 but who knows!
  18. We all know Gaga’s voice has a unique flair that makes every song stand out, so what are some songs by other artists that you wish Gaga was featured on? For me, it’s Prisoner by Miley Cyrus. Idk, I just feel like they were voices would blend really well together, even better than the Dua feature. Plus, I wish the rumor of Kylie’s Supernova Remix was real because that would also be dope as hell
  19. I personally have the digi-book dlx international edition, but I didn't get so satisfied. The CD inside came scratched, so I'm seeking the box-set rn. Also, if the Urban Outfitters release a new vinyl of Chromatica with a cover sleeve, i'm going for it.
  20. APRIL 8 2020: The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively reported that MGM is acquiring the rights to Ridley Scott’s Gucci, a true crime drama about the murder of Maurizio Gucci who once served as the head of the iconic fashion house. The media company is said to be in talks with Lady Gaga to star in the production. MGM was given full control to develop the story over Netflix and one other streaming service, partly because it offered the possibility of a theatrical release, which was a key factor in consideration for Ridley Scott, sources say. Gaga would return to the silver screen as P
  21. ...What was that all about? It was massive in like May and stuff when she started teasing it, the website even got found, we literally know what it looks like. I don't get why nothing has been done with it, it's really like the ARTPOP app. What do you guys think? I think it was a HUGE missed opportunity.
  22. What would you say was Gaga’s biggest era? In terms of the album that got her the most attention from people who aren’t necessarily fans?
  23. I'm thinking of a surprise music video or photoshoot. What does everyone think?
  24. 1. Enigma 2. Sine From Above 3. Stupid Love 4. Replay 5. Fun Tonight Your turn!
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