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  1. And the sad part (or funny) part is that those „clowns“ are winning the show when there is way better artists than the actual winners :/
  2. Yes it was cancelled because of Covid and the victory was almost in our hands of my country. We never won Eurovision and when we had a great opportunity to win - Corona happened :/
  3. Well less than 6 hours till something I guess
  4. It's Eurovision time and I want to represent my country - Lithuania :) The Roop - On Fire (Eurovision 2020) This is the their new song for this year Eurovision: The Roop - Discoteque (Eurovision 2021) What was your favorite Eurovision song from 2020 and what do you expect from this year Eurovision?
  5. This is insane, THE BEST GIVEAWAY already this year
  6. This is such a good news! Very excited to be a part of it
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