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    911, Babylon, Applause, Venus, Judas, Marry The Night, Starstruck, Disco Heaven, The Edge Of Glory, and So Happy I Could Die

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  1. Babylon HL, Babylon Bree Remix, Sour Candy Remix, Plastic Doll Remix, and either 911 Remix or Free Woman Remix
  2. listened to the full album this morning and it was super fun for me! i really enjoyed it and my favorites right now are Bree’s remix of Babylon, Babylon Haus Labs Version, Plastic Doll remix, and Sour Candy remix. also i really liked the Free Woman remix as well :D
  3. words cannot describe how much i love The Fame album. and i almost cant believe its been 13 years since its release. The Fame will always have a special place in my heart. 💙 my favorite non single tracks from the album are Starstruck and Disco Heaven.
  4. im so excited for the remix album but especially for the Babylon remix with Bree, the Babylon Haus Labs version, the Replay remix, and the Sine From Above remix :D
  5. just a little mental health check up. how’s your day/night so far and how are you feeling? my day is pretty okay so far but it’s not over for me yet cause its only 11:52 AM where i live. i feel alright right now though.
  6. i think that her perception of it is that there’s a lot of negative things that come with being famous and that fame can be really dangerous
  7. i will be saying “Father. Son. And House Of Gucci” from now on because of this trailer alone. cant wait for House Of Gucci! ❤️❤️
  8. if thats true then i cant wait to see it on Netflix!! :D
  9. here’s mine: i’ve listened to Gaga for 40h and 41m im a top 4% fan
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