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  1. i really like her version of Marry The Night! it's so good!
  2. i think it means "God." (relating to the Christian God)
  3. Babylon, Alice, 911, 1000 Doves, Love Me Right, other songs from other albums, and possibly some unreleased songs as well
  4. i just watched it and i love it! a very cool trailer for ARTPOP week!
  5. Hello to all little monsters! It's June 1st for me right now and I just wanted to quickly say happy pride month to you all! Your identities are very valid and I love you guys! I hope you all have a great pride month. Never forget, we're on the right track and we were born this way! ❤️ Love, threedaysrey💖
  6. i love all these remixes they are so amazing! 😍
  7. hi! i'm new to this site. (i joined on Wednesday) i became a little monster sometime in November 2020 after i listened to the whole Chromatica album, but i do remember liking a good amount of Lady Gaga songs that i knew before then. my favorite Lady Gaga albums are The Fame, Born This Way, ARTPOP, and Chromatica. you can call me threedaysrey/3daysrey or rey. (whatever you want) my twitter account is @threedaysrey if you want to follow me on there. (i'll follow back) i'm very excited to be here! :D
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