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  1. The taste!! It is my favorite track from the album as well. I listed to the whole album yesterday and what a journey. I do miss DWUW but thank God we have the remix feat. Xtina.
  2. Honduras representing 🇭🇳🔵 I’m proud of my country for the first time
  3. YAAAAASSS!! 😍😭 I can’t wait to get my Target edition DVD.
  4. Or Lipsync for your LEGACY. But for a grand finale would be the best choice!
  5. YES Please!!! but not for the firsts episodes please 😭 we really want an iconic lipsync for the song!
  6. This is exactly what I thought about the song! I really prefer the album version over the Haus Labs mix. Babylon it’s a great song and one of my favorites from the album for sure. //////////////// Since some is talking about being shocked in a negative way, I was shocked and sad when I listened to free woman. I really prefer the demo because it fits the vibe from the album. The final version feels like an reject from Kygo or another DJ, it feel so dated. And it’s sad because its lyrics are so beautiful and empowering.
  7. And so much time 🙄 like, what is their reason to do this?
  8. Well, I’m torn about remixes. I hate some and I love some. For example DITD Monarchy Stylites Remix is a MASTERPIECE. Also, the Judas Goldfrap, 911 Bruno Martini, the Ellis and Vitaclub Stupid Love remixes, the whole Alejandro EP, etc. But I loath the Free Woman and Rain On Me remixes.
  9. In my opinion, Gaga has to make an announcement about the whole era. At least a long tweet, I would prefer a video but I don’t know if she would want to. She has to address everything that happened in the whole era like the signatures (most of them are fake) and the tour. I really wish the tour to happen.
  10. OMG yes!! It’s true! My poor wig disintegrated.
  11. 1000 Doves really shocked me. And after watching the CBS This Morning interview it opened my eyes even more about her.
  12. Thank you so much! Still waiting for Apollo uncensored EP.
  13. I'm going to report them now. It's so frustrating to see this happening to you. But we are here to support you, Matt.
  14. Thank you! I’ll add it to the folder I uploaded today.
  15. Thank you so much! 😍 Download link please ❤️🙏🏻
  16. @Adeline Congratulations my dear friend! 😭😭😭 it’s what you deserve ✨❤️❤️❤️
  17. 😅 But don't feel that way. It's never late to join a fandom and loving an artist as long as you enjoy and suport them.
  18. Hello everyone. Enjoy the "Queendom" Lady Gaga x Dom Pérignon commercial directly ripped from their official website in 1080p and vertical in 1440p. It does look better than the Facebook and Youtube files. I'll also include the 15 second versions from YouTube and the Facebook version if you want. Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  19. You’re a baby monster ✨❤️ We love to see it 😍🤩
  20. I have to say the 2009 and 2010 VMAs. I really loved her 2009 performance and in 2010 her winning everything and the meat dress.
  21. Since when you’ve been a Little Monster?
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