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  1. So Gaga Holiday we alredy have them on digital plataforms
  2. The version that we have is the commercial one. I'll ask permission with the owner and I'll keep you updated
  3. JOANNE LIVE COLLECTION RELEASED: 2016-2017 FORMAT: .MP3 DOWNLOAD LINK (need the key): CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD KEY (reply this topic to unlock): [Hidden Content] TRACKLIST: 01 disc with 20 songs.
  4. alreday in the forum, just search it at summary
  5. Enjoy this masterpiece guys! This show is amazing in so many levels.
  6. LOVE FOR SALE (LIVE AT WESTFIELD) ARTWORK BY: artfloozyy RELEASED: 2021 FORMAT: .MP3 KEY FOR DOWNLOAD (reply this topic to unhide): [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD LINK (need the key above): CLICK HERE TRACKLIST: 01. Luck be a Lady 02. Orange Colored Sky 03. Love for Sale 04. Call Me Irresponsible 05. Poker Face 06. Interlude 07. Bang Bang 08. I Can't Give You Nothing But Love, 09. Night and Day 10. Born this Way 11. Let's Do it 12. La Vie en Rose 13. Fly me to the Moon 14. New York, New York
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