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  1. As Haus Laboratories is nearing its first year anniversary, the start-up is doing a massive sale on its exclusive retailer Amazon which seems to be a celebration of a complete year in the beauty business. The sale includes the entire range of the products that Haus has put out to date: STUPID LOVE EYESHADOW PALETTE: $38 (Original, $48) GLAM ROOM No.1: $24 (Original, $34) EYE-LIE-NER: $14 (Original, $20) GLAM ATTACK: $14 (Original, $20) LE RIOT LIP GLOSS: $13 (Original, $18) RIP LIP LINER: $11 (Original, $16) HAUS OF COLLECTIONS: $34 (Original, $49) SPARKLE LIPSTICK: $14 (Original, $20) MATTE LIP CRAYON: $13 (Original, $18) The brand has launched back in September 2019 with the slogan "Our Haus, Your Rules" featuring unreleased instrumentals from Gaga's now-Chromatica track Babylon: SHOP NOW The brand since then expanded its original lines with new shades to its iconic staples, the Glam Attack, Lip Gloss and Lip Liners. We are excited to see where the Haus takes us next.
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