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8 hours ago, Giulia Monster said:

I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!! Just on time for my bday 🤩🤩


Is it gonna be a collab with Spaceneil again?

Spaceneil have disappeared 😔 I was talking with them right before the pandemic,  they stopped answering me and I never have my tee shirt 😫 I hope they are okay 

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2 minutes ago, Giulia Monster said:

omg really??? But they website is still on 🤔

Yes but you can have acces to the merch ! At least last time I checked I couldn't 😔

And it was right after the pandemic,  not before 😅 lol

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2 hours ago, Giulia Monster said:

I can access to the merch (not Gaganow of course) but other merch

It wont be hosted on Spaceneil, but here :)

7 hours ago, Shoful said:

@Matt Hi, where do we apply for the modeling job? I can send you some images from a shoot I did. 

I will open a form to submit applications later this month.

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