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Haus Labs x Klarna to Open Resource Center for Upcoming Creators


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Lady Gaga's makeup brand, Haus Labs, has partnered with Klarna to uplift upcoming creators.


The Studio, located in LA, was originally a local hub for Haus Labs, but Gaga and Klarna have teamed up to make the location serve another purpose: a resource center for up and coming creators who will receive a $10,000 grant.

Only three creators will be chosen, and it will be through invite-only. This creator collective will rotate biannually so others will have the opportunity to receive the grant and resources. The creator cohort of three people will receive mentorship from Haus Labs, access to The Studio in LA, and the grant provided by Klarna.


The first two creators, Biddy and Vari, were handpicked by Gaga and Klarna themselves.

"Each creator is unique in the art they create, and uses their platform to be kind to the world. This is the type of brave self-expression that we admire and champion as a brand," Gaga explained when asked how the creators were chosen.


The creators will have full access to The Studio. The interior offers colorful lighting, a pink sofa, and high-tech features. It also has a photo studio, kitchen area, bathroom, and lounge. Gaga stated in an interview to E! News, "It was important to design The Studio in a way that promotes and inspires creativity for everyone that enters. The team used this goal to make design decisions throughout the space, from architecture to the colors, textures, and flow."


When asked about her favorite part of The Studio, Gaga told E! News, "The mirrored canopy is a centerpiece of The Studio that represents the importance of self-reflection and perspective. It's a custom art piece that we feel so proud to showcase in our space."


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25 minutes ago, gia said:

I love the piano. It's a place to boost people's creativity. She's so thoughtful ❤ 

Right , this piano is so cute 😊 

She always found a way to make people wants to create,  she never disappoints ❤ she didnt changed a bit since the beginning,  always fighting and take time for what she believes in  💜🥰

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