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Jared Leto on Working With Lady Gaga


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Superstar Jared Leto was interviewed by Yahoo! regarding his work on the set of "House of Gucci."

The artist revealed he will be speaking in an Italian accent as Paulo Gucci, the father of Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver).


When asked how Lady Gaga is doing these days, Leto mentioned she is fine since she got her dogs back  and her dog walker is doing okay.

Leto, who is known outside of acing for his band 30 Seconds to Mars, was also asked if he and Gaga are thinking about music on set. "Probably. Both of us are so buried with the work in front of us, like, you know, the guitar is getting lonely over there."

The full interview is available on Yahoo News.

The very first pictures of Jared Leto from the set in Italy were published just a few days ago. These photos gave us a sneak peak of the shocking transformation that he went through to play the role.



The cast of "House of Gucci,which includes Lady Gaga, Al Pacino, and Adam Driver, is currently filming in Como, Italy.

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Every time I think about what happened to her dogs and dogwalker I get so upset..... She did not deserve to go through that. I'm happy everything turned out well but I can't even imagine the mental and physical pain she must've gone through. I'm glad she wasn't alone, I hope it didn't trigger her fibromyagia so bad. 

I love her so much I can't even explain it and it breaks my heart to see how mean people are to someone who only wants the best for the world. It's the exact reflection of what happens in smaller contexts, to people who aren't socially exposed as Gaga is. Often the kindest, most big-hearted people are the ones who struggle the most. 

Going back to the topic, I would love to see a collaboration with Jared not only on the movie! I really don't think it will happen any time soon but who knows 👀 I hope Gaga is having a great time with the cast, it will be a very different experience from the one starring in a Star is born. I think Bradley did a big part of her great experience filming that movie. I hope she will find great co-workers in The house of Gucci too 🤍

She's a queen and a warrior! 

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On 3/17/2021 at 3:20 PM, Matt said:

The artist revealed he will be speaking in an Italian accent as Paulo Gucci

That's interesting!! If Jared will be speaking with an Italian accent I guess Gaga is gonna do the same?! 🤔
Isn't it weird if some of the actors are doing the accent and some don't?

Anyway...whatever they'll do that's fine 😂

A collaboration with Jared would be very interesting. I also hope we'll get a new pictures of them together 😍





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I'm kinda on the fence about the Italian accent… On one hand it makes total sense, on the other it can become quite caricatural… But we're talking about some INCREDIBLE actors (I mean Jared is a controversial figure to say the least, but DAMN, what an actor!), so I'm sure it'll turn out good!

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