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Why you like lady gaga?


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She's an incredible human being and her kindness always leaves me in awe. Her life mirrors my own in quite some ways, so having a person I can look upto during my lowest and highest moments is a very comforting feeling. 

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1 - she's inspiring 

2 - she's kind 

3 - she's overtalented 

4 - she's f*cking hot :cake:

5 - she has strong values and she stands for what she believes 

6 - her voice has the power to heal me 

7 - she's today's biggest artist in the world 

8 - she's walking art 

9 - she makes me happy 

10 - she helped so many people 

11 - she is humble and she loves her fans 

12 - she has a brilliant mind 

13 - she can be anything and everything 

14 - ... should I keep going? 

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