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Michelle Obama opens up about mental health struggles

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Former first lady Michelle Obama spoke candidly in an interview published Wednesday about her struggles with low-grade depression during the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges of 2020, encouraging Americans to speak more openly about their mental health. 

"Depression is understandable in these circumstances, during these times," she said in an interview with People magazine. "To think that somehow that we can just continue to rise above all the shock and the trauma and the upheaval that we have been experiencing without feeling it in that way is just unrealistic."

"This is one of the reasons why we need to talk more about mental health because everybody deals with trauma, anxiety, the difficulties in different ways," Obama said.

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Lady's got a killer groove, and you've got a lot to lose


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A person so respected and that so many look up to like Michelle Obama raising awareness on mental health during the times we're living is remarkable, brave and impactful.

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I really like and admire her. Every time a public figure speaks out about these kinds of mental issues it helps to normalise them. 

I think we all are getting through a hard, depressing time. I always try to cheer up myself and people around me. Also, stop watching/reading the medias! I think the mental manipulation and harm that they are doing is even worse than the coronavirus! 

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