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Lady Gaga shares heartfelt message to Japan


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Lady Gaga shared a heartfelt message to her Japanese fans about the devastating 2011 earthquake.

Back in 2011, a terrible magnitude 9 earthquake in the middle of the Pacific Ocean caused multiple tsunamis that hit the coasts of Japan. The tragedy caused more than 16,000 deaths.

To help the cause, Lady Gaga produced a bracelet "Pray for Japan" that was sold on her store in March 2011. The product raised more than $25,000.

"I Designed a Japan Prayer Bracelet. Buy It/Donate here and ALL proceeds will go to Tsunami Relief Efforts."


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Japan really has a special place in Gaga heart. Her looks for Japan are always amazing. And this hair colour is a serve but I wonder did she really dye this color just for some interviews or was it for a particular project?

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I love seeing her talking about japan, it makes her so happy!

She is so kind, her bracelets really helped.

Love this look. I hope she did more thing with this hair color

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Lady Gaga has always had a strong relationship with her Japanese fans, this video makes me so happy! 💕

I remember seeing videos from Japanese super fans during 2009 to 2012. I wonder if they are still a little monsters. 

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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