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Chromatica Digital concert / visual experience

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So this year has seen the rise of two things: animated visuals, and digital concerts (à la Studio 2054 + Cape God digital concert).

My biggest wish for this era at this point, is an hour - two hour long concert. The 911 video was shot in a manner that everyone involved was safe, and it’s one of her best visuals of all time. I feel the same thing could be done at an empty concert venue or renting out a large warehouse space or something. Maybe she could perform the coachella set she had planned for this year, indoors. 

Also, Gaga’s possibilities with a virtual concert that are in her control are endless. She can perform instant costume changes like the VMAs, or she could even use digital effects to add a certain atmosphere or edge. Also, since it would be a mostly fan-attended event, she wouldn’t really have pressure to play “the hits” if she didn’t want to.

Would you guys be down for this concept? Would you want her to do a mix of old and new songs? Or would you want her to just do Chomatica? If so, would you want her to play it straight through or mix it up?

In my perfect world, Gaga does this virtual show and performs all of Chromatica + fan favorites. Invites all the features for a real time or digital duet, and performs stand-outs from previous albums like Venus, Scheiße, DITD, Monster, G.U.Y., Sexxx Dreams, etc. Including intricate costume changes and visuals with live instrumentation all recorded in a UHQ format. The live chromatica album we could all have on our apple music’s from that >>>>

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A digital concert would be perfect. Not only for the current situation of the world but it gives little monsters all around the world a chance to watch Gaga live, also in a virtual concert gaga could do more acts than live face to face.

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On 12/19/2020 at 1:15 PM, LukeAPrayer said:

without all “the hits”

Why some people don’t like Gaga performing her hits? 😭💔 




And yes, a virtual concert would be perfect for at least “ending the era”. 

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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I really hope the Chromatica Ball goes ahead but it's not looking likely for my country anyway. I really hope it does though, it would be such an amazing experience! It would show us the world of chromatica, but if that's not an option I would love to see her do a virtual concert to help us understand chromatic more

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