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Lady Gaga Launches Haus Labs’ New Collection: THE EDGE


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Lady Gaga's Haus Labs has just announced “The Edge”: a set of precision eyebrown pencils.

The new collection offers a luxuriously soft application and easy glide for effortless blendability and comfortable wear in 13 shades that last all day. It drops on March 9 on hauslabs.com




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YES! YES!! I’m more than happy about this! 😍❤️ Haus Labs never disappoints! 

And can we talk about the video and photos?! SHE LOOKS STUNNING! Period

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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I WAS LITERALLY SHAKING, She looks so good and i was so excited. For years I have always loved her eyes (with and without makeup) and now that shes making makeup for eyes (im not sure if im saying it right lol 💀) is just soo good and i just love how she looks, I cant stop saying it 😭. This is my favourite shoot from Haus Labs. 

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