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Lady Gaga Looking to Live in Rome


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According to an Italian journalist, Lady Gaga has been eying possible homes in Rome to live in during the filming of Gucci.

"She is a bit capricious and afraid of COVID, which is why she doesn't want to go and live in a hotel. She really wants a house."

One particular home really caught Lady Gaga's eye: a penthouse overlooking The Imperial Forums


The residence is currently occupied, so her search continues.

The filming starts in March, so Lady Gaga would need to find a house soon if she wants to get settled before production starts.

The movie is expected to film in Rome, Florence, Milan, and Como with a release date of November 2021.

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I hope she finds a great place to stay safe in Italy 🙏🏻 She has a great taste in houses so she’ll make a wise decision. 

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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Something about Lady Gaga living in Italy and having her own house is chef's kiss. 

Hopefully she gets a good place soon and stays safe there. Considering how high the mumber of cases were in Italy before...

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