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Artwork by LittleMonster07

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Hello little monsters

I had an idea, I was looking through the forums and I found an asset pack by @AntonZabornikov, when I found it I downloaded it and made it into some pages of fan art I hope you guys like it. I look forward to making more in the future


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17 minutes ago, LittleMonster07 said:

Hello, little monsters

I'm back, I just made some new artwork called Planet Chromatica with a few pictures of mars and the asset pack from @AntonZabornikov asset pack

I hope you guys like it




Mars really do be vibing to Chromatica 🤩

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5 hours ago, LittleMonster07 said:

Thank you, I'm good at singing and computers, and being a lady gaga little monster 💕💕:tricon:

You must share your songs with us then as well. Would love to hear them ❤️

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