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Experience with psychiatrists

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Hello every one, I’m creating this thread because I would like to know if you have had any experience with psychiatrists. I’m think a lot of getting professional help with one, and reading your experiences will help me a lot. Thanks for your replies. 

Therapy really helped me, I highly recommend. You just need to found the therapist who Is right for you.

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7 minutes ago, Gagas_artpoptech said:

Ty❤. But I don't like feeling stuff on my fave when I go out 😭. I don't get burns often tho

Hmm yeah that's a problem then. Do whatever suits you. It's good if you don't get any burns. 

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1 hour ago, taygerm said:

I'm so happy to go to my psychiatrist, I needed this

Really happy for you. Everybody deswrves proper care ❤️

1 hour ago, Gagas_artpoptech said:

I'm going to try to force it then ig if it's better😓I don't wanna have skin cancer

Yes please do it. It's better to feel icky than to have a disease as horrible as this. 

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1 minute ago, Gagas_artpoptech said:

Yesss!! That's the only pain I kinda satisfied with😂😭

I kind of like feeling pain, it makes me feel relieved so I dunno what to say about this because I'm always satisfied with pain. 

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27 minutes ago, Gagas_artpoptech said:

What really😭omg how could you be relieved cuz of pain

I don't know. I guess when I'm doing it willingly, it gives me a sense of control. I was abused as a child so now when it's in my own control and I do it willingly, it gives me relief. 

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4 minutes ago, Gagas_artpoptech said:

I'm sorry you was abused 🥺❤. Well if it gives you relief ig that's ok😓

I don't do self harm. I was just talking about the pain after workout and other pains like that. 

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On 2/27/2021 at 3:28 PM, LittleMonster07 said:

I have had a good experience with psychiatrists because whenever I talk to one I can just vent and it really feels good 😌

I’m getting very interested to go to the psychiatrist. I think it’s the right time, but I’ll go to the psychologist first, just to get a reference and see how it works. 

I’m glad you have had a great experience! I’m proud of you!

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