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What's your favorite pair of gaga shoes?

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Which shoes that Gaga has worn throughout her career are your absolute favorite?? 

Mine are the monster ball boots and her pleaser platforms in black 🔥

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16 minutes ago, chimera2.0 said:

The Big Secret Behind Lady Gaga's Wildest Shoes | Lady gaga heels, Lady  gaga shoes, Lady gaga

mine is this one! It's almost incredible that she can walk in them.

Istg she has the balance of a cat! 

8 minutes ago, Judas said:

I love her shoes on the chromatica album cover

The blade 🤤❤️

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Just now, Judas said:

she’s floating she’s so talented 

It's her kindness that enables this feature. The rest of the world is too unkind to unlock this. 

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33 minutes ago, Gagas_artpoptech said:

The heels she wore in bad romance that looked alien inspired these are my all time favourites I wish she'd wear them more then just in bad romance mv

Oh yeah those were great. She has such a great fashion sense. It's unique yet amazing. 

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