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Gaga Street look opinions

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6 minutes ago, dafniye said:

It's very dope obviously. I honestly wish she did looks like this more often now

Sameee I love the artpop era street looks sooo much she was very creative during that era. I'm sad everything went how it went tbh this era deserved more and she deserved a lot better

Just now, chimera2.0 said:

The way she is so ahead of time with this mask!

Ikrrr!! Omg she predicted the future

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26 minutes ago, Gagas_artpoptech said:

Yesss she killed it!

Samee!! She also used it for one picture of the artpop photoshoot . She was very ahead of her time queen

ARTPOP's photoshoot is one of the best. Definitely in her top 3 visuals. 

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