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Favorite/Worst Gaga Producer

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Gaga has worked with so many talented producers. Who are your personal favorites and who are the ones that you don’t want Gaga to collab with again?

I personally love Mark Ronson, he might be my favorite producer. He has such a cool and beautiful style. (Valerie, Uptown Funk, Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, Joanne) I also like RedOne, Gaga and RedOne undeniably create magic together.

Also I have to say I do not like BloodPop as a producer. I don’t like the way he often creates choruses that are based on chopped vocals and cheap beats. Gaga’s vocal and musical talents gets lost in his production.

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Mark Ronson is my favorite producer, not just songs with Gaga but I like many his songs with others. Bloodpop has some good songs (like with HANA or Rina) but maybe his production didn't work with Gaga sometimes.

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Mark Ronson is my favorite producer. Whenever he works with her, it's always a surety that the product will be raw and authentic with a story to it. 

I love BloodPop too, mainly because I find him cute lol

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