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Desert of Kindness - Chromatica Ball Concept [Act III]

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Hello fellow Chromaticsters,

Here is ACT 3 of my CHROMATICA BALL CONCEPT. I hope you like it, it's a revisit to a place we have already been. ;)  Paws up & the journey continues.



As Gaga and her crew walk through the desert to get to the capitol, they‘re warmly welcomed by another tribe - the kindness punks. Exhausted from the crash and hike through the volcanic formations, the Kindness Punks offer them shade and water, as well as new clothing and some of their huts as a place for them to sleep. Gaga and the other crew members thankfully accept the offers to find rest and strength to continue their journey to get to the capitol, and therefore get back to their solar system. In celebration of the arrival of the strangers, the pink tribe also arranges a big feast that lasts long into the night.

But in the so called desert of kindness, unfortunately for our travelers, this place isn’t completely full of love, as one would expect by the appearance of the pink tribe. As the crew continues to drink and be part of the ceremony, Gaga seems to have trouble to find joy in their situation. She can’t forget the warning of the spiritual ones, while sitting around with the others.

As she walks off to her hut she is recognizing strange sounds. Subtile whispers that aren’t the whispers from the wind wheezing through the sands or breezing through the dunes. Just in that moment she realizes the sounds and shadows - but it‘s to late.

A tribe dressed in total black, barely noticeable in the dark of the desert, ambushes the small village of the Kindness Punks out of a sudden. Soon the feeling and sounds of happiness and love that were around all of them are shifting into screams of fear and terror. Gaga as well as other members of her crew get captured by the Junkyard Scavengers, looking for the outcasts of the intergalactic society. As the black tribe is known for trading, they make their biggest income by trading these kind of people no one would miss or look for on chromatica. They get auctioned and bet on as slaves to the wealthy in the capitol. Gaga and the others get dressed in weirdly looking clothing, that seems to be the typical attire as a slave.

In a lucky turn of events, Gaga can free herself from the chains during the interference of a solar storm. Even though she doesn’t want to leave without her friends, they tell her to do so. She promises them to find a way of rescueing all of them before she sprints out into the night, aiming for the bright city lights of the capitol.

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