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Tracklist For a Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2.0


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Hey little monsters!

I have a question: If Gaga would be asked to do the Super Bowl half-time show again, which songs she didn't included in the first one would you want to hear her perform there? (To be fair, you can use Dance In The Dark, Love Game, Paparazzi and The Edge Of Glory too, even it was part of the intro)

I'd love to hear Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande), Applause, Perfect Illusion, John Wayne, Paparazzi, Shallow (with Bradley Cooper, The Cure, 911 and Marry The Night


I'm excited about your lists! :award2:

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I think she should start with edge of glory and then move on to born this way (cause it's our anthem).  Then, she will perform alejandro, paparazzi, marry the night, applause, and finally monster.  

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