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Good evening everyone! We are excited to introduce a new space to trade and sell your Lady Gaga items with fans all around the world.

To keep this section an easy and safe space to use, we kindly ask you to follow these simple rules. If you don't follow them, you will get banned from the forum.


  • The only payment method allowed is PAYPAL using the "Pay for a service" option. Any other kind of private transaction is forbidden. Our moderators can't help you if you decide to send your money to strangers in other ways.
  • Attach REAL pictures, not mockups or official ones, this will allow every user to check the mint conditions of your items.
  • Add a detailed description of the conditions of the item(s), and where you are shipping it from.
  • Once the deal is closed, please share the paypal contact via DM, and not in the topic.
  • Links to eBay are allowed, if the owner is the same as the one creating the topic.
  • Once the exchange has been completed, we ask those who opened a thread for their item/s to put a disclaimer on the title or contact a moderator so the thread gets closed. E.g. [COMPLETED]


Lady Gaga Now does not take any responsibilities of frauds or scams. We force the use of Paypal as payment method, so you can be elegible for a full refund from the platform if the items are not what you expect.

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