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Favourite choreography


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Hello everybody!

I was wondering... What is your favourite choreography of Gaga? And can you dance any of them?

I really like the one of Judas, Applause, Stupid Love, Sheiße and well, Bad Romance is so iconic that I can't even judge it.

I also love this bit of Born This Way 😂


(I know you all watched it singing "Oh there ain't no other way, baby I was born this way" :ofcourse:)

As for dancing... I usually walk around the house dancing and I kind of freestyle in the shower, if that counts 😂



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I love the bad romance choreography because I think it's the easiest one to do , at least some of the parts and it's fun.  I love the stupid love choreography , I automatically do the thing with the arms above her head lol (  I wanted to put a gif but I dont know how 🤣🙄

oh and no I can't dance , I just move my arms and legs trying to do the right things lmao 

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I love the bad romance choreo too, I know most of her dances tbh and I don’t even intentionally try to learn them I just know them from watching sooo many videos all the time 😭😂 I love the choreo in heavy metal lover, the bit she does towards the end after she gets off the bike 

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All her choreographies from 2008 to 2011 are my favorites, but if I have to pick one... Judas is ny favorite.


Also, I love Alejandro's choreograpy. It's just iconic.




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6 minutes ago, dafniye said:

Scheiße for sure! I know the whole choreo 😂

And then after that it's Dancin' in circles and Stupid Love! 

haha me too! I love Scheiße :lol:

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