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21 days of kindness with Gaga

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As the Queen of kindness herself, Gaga continues to show us how small things can make a huge impact on us and other people around us. She has been/will be updating us on how she is being kind for 21 days.

Theres only 7 days left on this journey. I would like to ask you fellow little monsters, what have you done as an act of kindness or what do you plan to do as an act of kindness. 

No matter how big or small, a gesture of any size makes a huge impact. So share with everyone, how gaga has inspired you all to #BeKind21 🤍


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I absoloutely love these posts! It's such a beautiful idea! I've been posting what I did for the 21 days on my Instagram and Twitter, so here are the links just to summarise what I did :cheering: :fun:

(The tweet above was meant to say 13 but I typed 12 instead by accident)

⬆️ @MiQuenDroid 🥰🥰

And finally...


@danbekim I definitely have to agree with you on what you said in your comment! 🥰  I really enjoyed taking part in this campaign!




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