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Chromatica Ball -Act I - Alice Bay [fanmade]

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Hello fellow Chromaticsters,

Anticipating the remix album, I wanted to share my imagination of what the Tour could sound like. If you like this Idea, I will continue this series.



Gaga wakes up bruised and confused on the beach. Slowly but surely the memories come back that just moments ago their spaceship crashed into the ocean. She’s looking desperately for her fellow crew-members.  The crew is a small group of space-refugees that had to leave their home for one cause or another, finding companionship in their exile from the intergalactical society.

They were aiming to fly to the solar system known for the habitant planets Venus and Earth, but something has seemingly gone wrong. This place doesn’t feel like home. This isn’t Venus. If the crew wants to live as accepted individuals, they have to find a spaceship or some other way to leave this planet. Earth and Venus are one of the last places, they can live without boundaries.

To their fortune, all crew-members are alive, which seems worth celebrating on it’s own. But unpleasantly the spaceship is unfixable, and a lot of members of the ship are injured heavily.

Mysteriously one member of the crew seems to heal from their wounds and injuries, as they start to carry them away from the beach. Gaga herself feels a strange, indescribable energy flowing through her body more and more. As their gaze sweeps across the land, they seem to have found the core of the curing of each and everyone of them...

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