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8 years anniversary of Applause

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It's been 8 years since Lady Gaga released Applause early because of some low & high quality leaks. "Applause" is a song written by Lady Gaga and produced by DJ White Shadow in 2012. The song served as the lead single from her fourth studio album ARTPOP. It was originally intended to be released in August 19, 2013.

What's was your reaction to the leaks / the release of the single?  :sip:




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I’m so lucky to have the 12” Picture Disc single. 😍♥️ I love applause so much. 

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I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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I didnt listen to the leaks not cause i didnt want to but cause i couldnt find it back then, i was a dumb kid lol. I remember in my room listening to it when it dropped i made sure to use earphones cause i remember she said to use them. 

When the intro started to play i had instant goosebumps, the intro really turned me on and i was silently screaming alone in my room 😭. I enjoyed every single second.

Kinda wish i used twitter back then so i could look back at the old tweets and get a flashback .

I made an ARTPOP scrapbook documenting everything that happened in the ARTPOP era. I WAS INVESTED. Though pages are missing i still have the book.


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I didn't heard the leaks, i was too young, so i was very surprised when i heard it the first time at the radio. It was a very unique song. I was so excited for a music video. I remember that my friends who don't like gaga ( i can't belive some people don't like her) were obsessed with applause.  Every body likes it.

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Love Applause so much💖 When it was released it really inspired my artwork, and still does now. Most of her music really helps when overcoming a creative block, but this song especially🙌


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