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Artwork by Chris Quinn

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Hey everyone remember the Chromatica Story I was working on and I had like input from someone... Well here is a sneak peak at the upcoming edit of which was The Plastic Doll was a failed experiment and then was thrown into the desert of kindness where she begins to heal.-fe7ho0.thumb.jpg.ff01ef1402f4fe8797f6f45d9f0a6503.jpg

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My Chromatica Story Continues 

The plastic doll was a failed experiment. The inventor threw it out to the Dessert of Kindness,

The doll's machine, nourished by love in the desert, became strong and revived.

"Now, it's time to free me from the shame"

#Chromatica #ladygaga

I gotta find that peace"

~Stupid Love playing

I hope


Notices my artwork I finally completed it after 2 weeks, my biggest challenge yet but I enjoyed it... #StupidLove #kindnesspunks #conceptart 



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  • Chris Quinn changed the title to GAGA GOES CROFT IN STUPID LOVE
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5 hours ago, Chris Quinn said:


This looks so beautiful 😍😍

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I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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  • 3 weeks later...
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Hi, I've merged both of your fan art topics together into one topic called Artwork by Chris Quinn to avoid spam on the forum. Please post all future Gaga fan art/edits you make as a reply to this topic so as not to clog up the fan art section. Thank you 🥰 PS: These are amazing! 

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Wow thank you so much

Here is my version of Dawn Of Chromatica album artwork concept I'm quite proud of this one ⚔


1 hour ago, LadyOfTheDame said:

Love it!!! Unique concept, would've never thought of doing something like this. :)

This makes me happy, thank you so much

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