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TW: Depression, Death, PTSD, Sexual Assault, Suicidal Thoughts


Everyone has at least one song from Gaga that they can say saved them, helped them cope, or even made them realize something about themselves they hadn't known before. For me I have a few songs that helped me do all three. Now of course there are other things that her music has done, but in relation to these examples I have 3 songs that had the most impact for me mentally. First one being Joanne. Joanne helped me overcome my grief, come to accept loss of loved ones and loss in general, and just feel emotions. Million Reasons came to my rescue during my depression. I had so many reasons in my life to give up, but I thought of one specific reason to keep going: if I give up here I'll never know what I could have possibly accomplished. This made me keep fighting. Finally, the most recent song from Chromatica being Replay. I have PTSD from a sexual assault that happened to me when I was 5 and it took me until last year to finally accept the feelings and the impact it had on me today and I cried. I realized what had actually been taken from me by force and had to come to terms with the fact I may never experience what I'm supposed to experience now. Gaga saved me many times, but how has she saved you?

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Her music definately helped me during the hardest times of my life. When I was a teenager, TF, TFM and BTW really help me and made me the person I am today, even though I still have problems, her music really made me feel happier. 

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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