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A Kind Word For Your Day

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Just now, Gagas_artpoptech said:

I love our love so much the love between us all(the monster family with agag included)

Yes me too. It's really pure and I don't know there's any other feeling like this. I'm so glad to be a part of this community. 

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Be kind with your mind. If you are struggling with something you will get over this. Take care little monster, the monster family is here for you 🤍

Just breathe and don’t forget to drink some water! Be present and enjoy your day ✨

'We are all unique'

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1 minute ago, Gagas_artpoptech said:

True 🥺❤❤I will focus on the love only from now on

That's good. It will really help you clear your mind and make you see the world more positively 

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Just now, taygerm said:

absolutely ı agree. we must solve our problems with kindness

I know that my hardest days have been made better with the kindness of other people. Buying a cup of coffee for someone, or even smiling at someone is a form of kindness and can have good effects of people

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1 minute ago, taygerm said:

absolutely. with a smile you can make the other person happy

True. I feel so happy when another person smiles at me. Shows a feeling of companionship. 

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8 minutes ago, taygerm said:

It would be so nice omg bestie

I still remember the billboard that gaga and bobby had reserved for Chromatica promotion but instead used it for a billboard to promote kindness and a thank you for essential workers ❤️

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45 minutes ago, taygerm said:

I agree. they really worked hard for this era, but the pandemic prevented them.

Yeah they really did. Bobby spent two whole years working on the era. Not his fault that a pandemic striked the whole world. 

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