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How did Gaga helped you with your Mental Health?

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During my mourning time, listening to “Joanne” makes me feel much better. This album is my second favorite of Lady Gaga, and really makes you feel and understand this pain. I'm going to send my mom the title track but with the lyrics in Spanish so she can understand.

Lady's got a killer groove, and you've got a lot to lose


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We all love her for that reason <3

She actually helped me to get out of the closet in front of myself. That’s kind of weird but actually nobody spoke about gay people in my country when I was younger

Gaga is such an amazing artist and human being. I'm happy to read that she saved you in such a difficult moment. She's walking art. Every day I hope the world will be kind to her. She is a strong woman but often the most big-hearted people are also the most fragile, and she shared that with us and managed to transform her pain into art. I just really hope she will be truly happy from now on and supported by people who love her. Mental health is something so important and I kind of feel that once

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