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A Safe Place To Rant!


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10 minutes ago, Tan Nazlı said:

and to stay healthy and safe

I agree❤

On 1/23/2021 at 9:55 PM, danieldubla said:

I know some of you goes have a lot to rant about so this is a place to let it go, just let go of all the anger in a comment and people might relate to you.

also this is mostly for mental health rants, but other stuff are allowed too



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On 1/24/2021 at 6:25 AM, BrodyBanks said:

If this is a place to rant, I am about to open my emotional floodgates. With the pandemic, I have been staying with my parents and my two sisters. It has been AMAZING to have people to be with when so many are dealing with issues by themselves this year, but we do have lots of drama between each other. Most of it has to do with masks and social distancing. Both my parents are Republicans, although my Mom is kind of an Independent (Voted for Obama in 2008), and they don't seem to care about health guidelines. They host parties and go out to eat constantly, even with increasing cases in our area and a large elderly population. Even worse, my Dad travels constantly and works with many old people. In comparison, I am very careful and attempt to social distance as much as possible. I avoid eating out to protect our service workers, and instead order in when I have the chance. It is just very stressful because I feel helpless in my efforts, as they are very likely to get Covid due to their lifestyle and spread it to me. So I now have feelings of anger and resentment, as I now constantly think "What is the point of trying".  Thanks for letting me rant, don't know how to end this though. Feel free to respond. Lots of Love, Brody.

Be brave❤❤

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1 minute ago, Gagas_artpoptech said:

I think its a room with a big mirror😭not suee

Ohh that sounds good. I have always wanted a room covered in mirrors! 

Anyways, thanks for telling me! 

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