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Lady Gaga Now Ultimate Giveaway Contest


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  • ★ Senior Moderator
1 minute ago, Adeline said:

Good luck everyone 🥳

This is my chance!!  

Good luck everyone ❤️

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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Just now, tony said:

This is my chance!!  

Good luck everyone ❤️

Go for it ! I already have one I wont fight for it lol I prefere someone who hasn't one to win 

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  • ★ Senior Moderator
2 minutes ago, Adeline said:

Go for it ! I already have one I wont fight for it lol I prefere someone who hasn't one to win 

Thank you 🥺 Do you like your boxset??

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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  • ★ Senior Moderator
2 minutes ago, Adeline said:

Yes I do ! It's a beautiful box 😊 I I should open it more often🤔 lol

I would really love to see the booklet in this edition. It looks HUGE! 

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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  • ★ Administrator

Just a reminder, that BUMPING old topics, it's not allowed.

Also, I noticed that I didn't reset the points made earlier today. So I decided to remove half points from the top 5. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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On 1/23/2021 at 2:59 PM, Matt said:

Hello Little Monsters,

It is my greatest pleasure to introduce one of the biggest giveaways that I've ever done on LadyGagaNow.

Thanks to the many incredible donations that LGN received when the website was hacked, I managed to buy a few extra things from Lady Gaga's shop. In this upcoming game, I hope it will make you discover our new amazing community.

Have fun!




The prizes include:

  • 1 2 x Stupid Love Picture Disks
  • 1 x Chromatica Japan Edition with Limited Edition Poster
  • 1 x Chromatica Limited Edition Box
  • 1 x Chromatica Picture Vinyl with 1 Chromatica Casette 
  • 1 2x Chromatica Signed Album
  • 2 x Stupid Love CDs
  • 1 x Rain On Me CD
  • 1 x Rain On Me 7'' Vinyl
  • 1 x Rain On Me Picture Disk
  • 1 x Chromatica Signed poster
  • More...

On top of that, there will also be two special prizes that will be rewarded at the end of the contest. The prizes are 2 Golden Pitch Tickets for The Chromatica Ball In Paris.


1st round (Jan 27 - Feb 6): Stupid Love Picture Disk - GodOfChromatica

2nd round (Feb 6 - Feb 13) : Chromatica OREO - Dafniye, Leography, Tony, Taz Nazli and Gia.

3rd round (Feb 13 - Feb 20): Rain On Me 7'' Vinyl - devillenter

4th round (Feb 21 - Feb 27): Chromatica Signed Album - Judas + Chimera 2.0

5th round (Apr 3 - Apr 10): Rain On Me Picture Disk - Adeline

6th round (Apr 11 - Apr 18): 2 x Stupid Love CD - Gia + LadyOfTheDame

7th Round (Apr 19 - May 2): Chromatica Limited Edition Box



How The Game Works

The game is divided into many matches. Each one with 1 prize from the bucket list and 1 winner only.

At the start of each round, we will announce the prize of the match on this topic on Twitter. From that moment on, people will be able to gain LGN Bolts so that they can potentially win the prize of the week.

The user with the most bolts will win. If you win a match, you cannot win another match.  After each round, the winner points get reset.

The 2 users who have gained the most bolts AT THE END of the whole game will win 1 ticket to The Chromatica Ball in Paris.

How To Gain LGN Bolts

Each action on the forum will grant you a number of LGN Bolts. Receiving good reputation on your content will also grant you Bolts.

A bad reaction or wrong behavior will detract points. Below is a list on how the bolt system works.

  • Posting a new Topic: +5 Bolts
  • Posting a new Topic In the Mental Health Section: +8 bolts. (requires a content count of 100 comments).
  • Replying to a topic: +1 Bolt.
  • Replying to a topic in the Mental health Section: +3 bolts.
  • Receiving a positive reaction: +1 bolt.
  • Receiving a negative reaction: -1 bolt.

Having your topic deleted or hidden will remove all bolts you and whoever replied gained. Making multiple accounts just to gain bolts will disqualify both accounts from the game.

Do not bump old topics. Do not open multiple threads in one day.

The Leaderboard

To check your score, you can use the Leaderboard box that you will find on the ladygaganow.net website. On the top part you will find the current winner of the contest. At the bottom, you will find a recap of the previous week, month, and year. Keep in mind that the lower section does NOT represent the winner of the match, it is just a quick overall view of the contest.

Points are calculated in real time, but it might take a few minutes for the leaderboard to refresh. Any points submitted before or after the match will not count as points for the current winner. Do not worry if you have more points than you expected.


A full real-time leaderboard of the current winner is always available on the LGN App for iOS.

Hope everything is clear! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.


Is the game open to everyone?

Yes it is, it is open to everyone without any age or location restriction.

If I win a match, do I have to pay?

No, absolutely not. No one at LGN will ever ask you to pay anything for any win. We will ship the prize for free as soon as you win.

What can I post?

Feel free to post about anything you like as long as you don't spam. Avoid posting replies such as "hahah" or just GIFs. If you do not respect these rules, you will get disqualified from the game.

How do I know if I win?

I will contact you personally here on LadyGagaNow.Net via private messages. Never trust anyone else or give your information to any other users.

How many times can I win?

Just 1 every 2 matches. If you won the match of the first week of February, you cannot win the match in the second week, but you can win again in March.

If I win a prize, can I still win the tickets?

Yes. The tickets will be rewarded at the end of the giveaway contest (around May) to the user who gained more bolts from the launch of this game, regardless of how may prizes he won during the whole game.

I won a prize but I don't like it, can I change it with something else?

No, but you can refuse the prize so I can give it to the second winner.

I gained a lot of bolts this week, but the current winner section in the leaderboard doesn't change.

Either you made those points outside the match dates, or the leaderboard is still updating. The system is totally automatic and does not allow moderators to change points manually. Always trust the leaderboard.

How is it possible that you have a signed poster?

I don't. I ordered it from Lady Gaga's official store and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Lady Gaga's manager assured me that they are still coming. I will probably put it as prize around the last week of the game. If it doesn’t get shipped by then, I'll reserve it anyway for the current winner.

What happens to the final prize if the Chromatica Ball Gets Cancelled?

In that case I will give the two winners a different prize with the same value.

Is the travel or any accommodation included in the final prize?

No. You will win just the concert ticket.

How will you deliver the tickets?

The tickets will be given on the venue the day of the concert to avoid reselling.

Is there any way I can lose my chance to play?

Yes. If you do not respect the website guidelines, get banned, or you cheat, you'll get disqualified from the game immediately. I also reserve myself the right to pick a different winner in case I feel something isn't right.



i am soooo here for this!!!

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  • ★ Senior Moderator
2 minutes ago, Matt said:



Congratulations @Tony!

Thank you so Much Matt :kiss::cheering: I really appreciate it!

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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