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The RSD Chromatica Vinyl Giveaway starts NOW! This giveaway will have a few different rules from the regular giveaway we did so far. Since this is a very rare piece, I feel it would be fair to give everyone a chance to win, even those fans who don't have a lot of time to spend on our forum. Therefore the vinyl will be won by a RANDOM user, who will place themselves in the top 10 of the most active users on the forum by July 3rd. To keep track of your position on the chart, you can use


Hello Little Monsters, It is my greatest pleasure to introduce one of the biggest giveaways that I've ever done on LadyGagaNow. Thanks to the many incredible donations that LGN received when the website was hacked, I managed to buy a few extra things from Lady Gaga's shop. In this upcoming game, I hope it will make you discover our new amazing community. Have fun!   Prizes The prizes include: 2 1 x Stupid Love Picture Discs 1 x Chromatica Japan


Here I am, sorry. I was cleaning up the Mental Health section: I removed more than 10 pages of pure spam and off topics comments. I tried ot keep the most pertinent ones, but it's been a tough, long job. Since most of the partecipants used fake/friends account to cheat and gain more reputation, I've decided to give 2 signed albums to the only two users who didn't cheat and behaved after we warned them. So... congratulations @Judas and @chimera2.0. I'll keep the 3rd copy for a future gi

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18 minutes ago, LittleMouse said:

Maybe the best thing that's ever happened to me  :sad2:

You deserve it king 😘 congrats!!

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I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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