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Full Gameplay: Stupid Love From Just Dance 2021


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Stupid Love has officially been released as an exclusive on Just Dance Unlimited, and the gameplay has been revealed.

The "coach" in the game is reminiscent of Lady Gaga in the Stupid Love music video. She has pink hair and accessories, as well as high boots and tribal markings. She can even be seen singing along to the song at various parts of the game. Some of the routine's choreography is based off of Lady Gaga's moves in the video.


The background gives off classic Chromatica vibes by taking place on a planet. There are robots and aliens scattered throughout the video.

The gameplay difficulty level for this routine is set to hard. There are two Gold Moves the player can accomplish.

Gold Move 1 where you clasp your hands together and rotate them and your head clockwise:


Gold Move 2 where you form an X with your arms over your chest and spread your legs:



Take a look a the full choreography below.


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The Gold Move 1 looks so cool!

Not gonna lie, It takes time for someone to convince me to play it but well maybe this will speed things up:rat:

I wasn't much of a fan of the Applause one for example.

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another shot before we kiss the otherside!

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