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"Stupid Love" is Coming to Just Dance Unlimited

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Lady Gaga's Stupid Love is scheduled to be a "Just Dance Unlimited" exclusive starting January 21st.

"Just Dance Unlimited" is an online subscription to the Just Dance game franchise. A one month free trial is included with every copy of Just Dance 2021. This subscription accesses the user to over 600 songs and exclusive content.

This is Lady Gaga's first song to be a "Just Dance Unlimited" exclusive, but her seventh song in total to be in the game franchise. Past songs on previous games include: Just Dance, Bad Romance, Born This Way, Applause, John Wayne, and Rain on Me.

You can purchase Just Dance unlimited on Ubisoft Website.


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5 hours ago, Twitter said:

Stupid Love getting the respect and platforms it deserves. 


It’s what it deserves! :fun:

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Lady's got a killer groove, and you've got a lot to lose


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