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DJ Weiss Talks About His '911' Remix


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The British DJ shares what it was like to work on Lady Gaga's third single, 911

Interviewing with Lady Gaga Today, Weiss shares his experience on what it was like crafting one of the three officially released remixes for Lady Gaga's catchy 911. He shares that his experience started in late September when his team presented the song to him.

He immediately began working on it and goes on to say that the song and the process of remixing it reminded him of the 90's because it was like:

"...when you'd have someone like Frankie Knuckles remix Madonna or someone like that." 

He goes on to elaborate that it was important that the remix should differentiate from the original version of the song and that adding a more 90's house sound to the track was what he wanted. Weiss continues to share that he was very honored to be remixing a Lady Gaga song and that working with Lady Gaga's team was a pleasure. 

When asked if he planned on working with her or anything related to her, he said: 

"I got told they might be using my version from some of her live performances so that's pretty exciting"! 

For more about the 911 and its elaborate music video, click here.

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26 minutes ago, emiliman said:

I wonder if it's going to be used for a transition during the tour?

Maybe 🙂  a remix would fit for a transition or an intro ! But he said " performanceSSSS" lol

or maybe we're going to have a performance of 911 soon lol let's dream about it ! 

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32 minutes ago, Caio Amorim said:

The best one in my opinion ♥️🥺

I love the Sofi Tukker one bc I love their music. They blended their song Emergency with 911 and I loved that so much. But honestly, all three are amazing.

On 12/28/2020 at 5:00 PM, FreeWomanIsABop said:

wow amazing I love this. almost better than my personal favorite, Fun Tonight. 

A bit questionable 🤨 

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