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The best music video.


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Hi there! I write this post because I want you to participate in something. My group of friends and I celebrate an awards show every year. The NMV Awards. It's a mix between an MTV-style music video awards show and a red carpet pre-show inspired by the MET gala where we all dress in awesome and crazy outfits inspired by the Met Gala dress themes and the ball room scene.  We celebrate this show/ceremony with friends but even if it is not official we take it very very seriously and it is very important to us (we have already had 4 editions and the fifth is in just three weeks!). For the music video awards ceremony, the guidelines are: Each participant must send a music video that is NOT generally known, by an artist that is also not known. In this way we discover incredible new music and music videos that we have never seen before. All the videos are projected on a big screen and we all watch them together and at the same time. After seeing them all, the voting begins. The categories are;
- Best Photography
- Best Choreography
- Best Plot
- Best song
- Best Artist
- Best Message
- Funniest video
- Most original video
- Award for worst video
- Video of the year

The level of the videos is usually high, for a video to win it must really be an amazing music video. Here are some examples of music videos that have been successful in previous years:


I am writing this post because I would like you to participate by proposing some music videos that you like and that you think are surprising and amazing. So we can all discover music and videos to have a good time, which is the purpose of our awards show. And who knows, maybe one of them will be awarded!:award2:

I would love for you to leave here some music videos that you like, I am sure you will surprise !!

(I leave you here below images and a video of the Red Carpet with the themes of the Met Gala "Heavenly Body" and "Camp"):boob:





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Ok first let me just say this is soo cool and fun. I love how everyone is taking it seriously. Kudos to yall!! 

Here i would like to suggest a music video by Arca titled Nonbinary. To me this is one of the most artistic videos ive watched and visually very pleasing to me, not to mention the message the track includes.

Heres the link to the video, i hope everyone enjoys it 😄


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This seems to be fun! I’ll nominate some music videos: 

Best Choreography: 

Most original video: 

Best Message: 


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