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Which Chromatica songs?

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911, Alice, Babylon, rom, free woman, 1000 doves. If she doesnt perform these, im taking this as a personal threat.


23 hours ago, Leography said:

Honnestly, very little, I want the tour to be the first time we expetience Chromatica on a large scale, and not for just a small number of people.

So I'd say Enigma (duh) and Stupid Love.

Youre actually sooo right. I want that too, it would be like the full chromatica experience.

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On 6/29/2021 at 8:13 PM, mommymommygirl said:

I feel like she'll probably keep it pretty limited and save most songs for the Chromatica Ball, but I do think she'll at least perform Rain on Me, Stupid Love, and maybe 911 at Enigma.

i feel exactly the same, maybe she'll also performance 1000 doves in piano version.

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