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Born This Way Reimagined Available Now


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Lady Gaga has officially released 'Born This Way Reimagined', a re-release of her iconic second studio album from 2011, 'Born This Way'.  

Just in time for pride month, the record includes five tracks reimagined by the prominent LGBTQ+ icons and allies Big FreediaOrville Peck, Kylie Minogue, Ben Platt, Olly AlexanderThe Highwomen, Brittney Spencer and Madeline Edwards

Born This Way is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and Lady Gaga is celebrating it in a big way. Along with the new record, Gaga has also released special merchandise, Haus Laboratories products and an exciting collaboration with Versace.


Official Artwork

Born This Way Reimagined is the grand finale of celebrations of Born This Way's 10th birthday. 

You can listen to the album here: 

And you can stream it on multiple platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube here.

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I have mixed feelings regarding this release. I ADORE the Idea of giving LGBTQ+ and ally artists a chance to shine, but I kinda wish the songs were a little bit more different, kinda like Judas was. That was REIMAGINED. Also why just 6? There's plenty of younger or smaller LGBT artists deserving to be there!

Also the prices of the vinyl and cassette are nothing if scandalous. Major labels really need to get their shit together, that's a commercial suicide in the making. Nobody will be able to afford physical release if they keep raising their prices. But that's a whole other story lol

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