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Anti Spam Policy

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Hello everyone, 

As we have been experiencing a lot of spam accounts recently, a new policy has been put in place that will stop new members from creating topics until they have left at least 10 comments on other members posts and received at least 5 positive reactions on those comments. After 3 days, they will be able to create new topics. 


The Moderation Team

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39 minutes ago, Giulia Monster said:

Thanks.... Some people just comment randomly without any interest about the topics, just to get points, and that's annoying tbh....

It really is. There's no need to spam. There's plenty of stuff to talk about on here. And they're just wasting their own time by doing that just to get points because we don't give prizes to spammers and we take their points away and ban their profiles, which means they're also wasting the moderators' time because we constantly have to check for spam and delete their profiles and flag them as spammers 😓

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