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4 hours ago, devillenter said:

Have you listened to Lana's new album yet? For me, it may be her best project yet... After the first listen I loved almost all the songs, and that rarely happens. 

I haven’t listen to it yet. But I will later today. I’ve read mixed reactions about the album on Twitter. 

Lady's got a killer groove, and you've got a lot to lose


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What is everybody's Lana album ranking? I think mine is Honeymoon > COCC = NFR! > AKA > UV > LFL > BTDPE. 

Chemtrails was amazing, I just wish we could get that rich production back from BTD/LFL/HM, as I feel like sometimes it can come across as lazy (you can literally hear an Apple alarm go off at 0:31 in Dark But Just A Game) :crying:

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