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How many Gaga concerts have you been to?

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2012.09.22 - Born This Way Ball - Paris, Stade de France
2014.10.30 - artRAVE - Paris, Zénith
2014.10.31 - artRAVE - Paris, Zénith
2014.11.08 - artRAVE - Barcelona, Palau San Jordi
2014.11.24 - artRAVE - Paris, Bercy
2018.01.14 - Joanne World Tour - Barcelona, Palau San Jordi 
2018.01.14 - Joanne World Tour - Barcelona, Palau San Jordi My boyfriend and I where supposed to go, but he ended up not having enough money for the transportations (we had the tickets), so we decided to just do the Paris date… 🤡)
2018.02.20 - Joanne World Tour - Paris, Bercy Cancelled
2018.02.21 - Joanne World Tour - Paris, Bercy Cancelled
2021.07.25 - Chromatica Ball - Paris, Stade de France Soon to be cancelled
2021.07.25 - Chromatica Ball - London, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Soon to be cancelled

So yeah, it's been a LONG time since I last saw her, and will be a LONG time until I can see her next. I'm not paying for Enigma, as the plane and hotel (and tickets if you miss the presale) are too expensive for me, so I'll just wait and pray that her next pop album isn't too far away and there is no global pandemic by then 🤡

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Unfortunately, I haven't been to any of them because she doesn't come here anymore and it's too expensive to go to another country, especially for Enigma. She came here a few times when I was younger, but I was probably too young to go to concerts at that age. I would've only been about 5 or 6 years old

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I’ve been to the artrave twice, saw Gaga perform at a joe biden rally in 2016 (idk if that counts) joanne world tour twice, enigma opening night, and then once at jazz and piano, and enigma another three times. So in total I’ve seen Gaga perform about 10 times and I’m so grateful 🥺 I would have seen the monster ball and the btwb too but I was too young back then with no money 💔

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the Monsterball in Cleveland July 2010

the Monsterball in Cleveland April 2011

Applause on Good Morning America in NYC 2013

ARTPOP on Jimmy Fallon in NYC 2014

The Roseland Ballroom in NYC 2014

The Artrave in Cleveland 2014

The Artrave in Chicago 2014

The Joanne World Tour Cleveland 2017

Enigma Residency in Las Vegas 2019

I was SUPPOSED to go to the Born This Way Ball in Chicago and Brooklyn in 2013 but literally the day my plane touched down in Chicago and I was on the bus to my hotel, she tweeted the cancelation. :) So I included times when I saw her do just 1 song to make myself feel better over something we had no control over 8 yrs ago. 😭😂 I was also literally going to purchase another set of Enigma tix but then the lockdowns started. I don't have hope the Chromatica Ball will happen but on the very small chance it does, I'm going to try to go to at least one show.

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January 2010 - TMB 1.0

February 2011 - TMB 2.0

May 2014 - artRAVE

August 2017 - JWT

November 2017 - JWT

June 2019 - Enigma

August 2021 - TCB

I had tickets to the BTWB but my show was cancelled.

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9 September 2012 - Born This Way Ball - Twickenham Stadium - London, England. 

23 October 2014 - artRAVE The ARTPOP Ball - O2 Arena - London, England

8 June 2015 - Cheek to Cheek Tour - Royal Albert Hall - London, England

4 February 2018 - Joanne World Tour - O2 Arena - London, England (cancelled)

30 July 2021 - The Chromatica Ball - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - London, England (postponed)


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Ive been to Zero 😭 she hasnt been in my country and the one time she was in a neighbouring country, the attacked her. (If u remember the issue with indonesia). I just hope she comes around soon. If not ill just get a ticket overseas and fly myself out. Im not leaving till i see Gaga live.

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