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3 hours ago, chimera2.0 said:


Shallow's now entered the top 5 most successful female songs on iTunes Worldwide. And it's also gaining the most so it's likely to climb more.

Shallow's never going to meet the ground 💅

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Just now, chimera2.0 said:

Yes it would outlast LG7 lead single too at this point. Its longevity is incredible!

It's going to outlast everything. A song this long-lasting 10 years into her career, nobody could ever do that 💅

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6 hours ago, chimera2.0 said:


Gaga has 3 albums charting on Billboard 200 this week and they're form 3 different decades. LEGEND!

3 albums = triconic. 

I make the rules. 

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5 hours ago, chimera2.0 said:

 It will be in the top 5 if we only count album with all singles from 2020 only. Her streaming stats have improved so much!


I'm very happy with how well Chromatica is doing considering the promotion. It has been surviving this long because of how good it is.

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(Week of Mar 06, 2021) Chromatica is out of the Billboard 200. The Fame places at 142 on in its 234th week on the chart, and at 2 on Dance/Electronic Albums. 

We already know Chromatica deserved better 💔 but we can’t do nothing about it. It really makes me sad, but we have to move on from the era. 

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Lady's got a killer groove, and you've got a lot to lose


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