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The Chromatica Ball

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The Chromatica Ball Are you attending The Chromatica Ball? Here's the best place to discuss and share your thoughts and experiences. Rescheduled Dates July 25, 2021 - Paris, France July 30, 2021 - London, England August 7, 2021 - Boston, Massachusetts August 19, 2021 - East Rutherford, New Jersey August 27, 2021 - Chicago, Illinois

I'm going to be attending the London Chromatica Ball in 2021! It's my first Gaga concert after begging to my mom to go to Gaga concert for 10 YEARS! 

Experts said in France that big concerts (Arenas and stadiums) won't be likely to happen before 2022. So yeah... We have to find the balance between not being too depressed and overthinking it, because who knows what'll happen, but also be 100% ready for the tour to be cancelled. I genuinely believe that if 2021 isn't doable she won't reschedule a 6-dates tour for a two-years old album :( 

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