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Is this the new Little Monsters page?


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Hi! Welcome to LadyGagaNow! 

To answer your question, no, this is not a new fan page. Our admin, @Matt, has been running this site since the beginning of Lady Gaga's career in 2008/2009. Back in August, on the night of the VMAs, we had set up a livestream with a live chat so that we could all watch the show together. Unfortunately, some horrible, nasty person sent a link in the chat that destroyed the whole site, causing it to have to shut down and come offline for about 5 months while the entire Moderation Team and our admins worked together to get back all the posts from the last 12 year's which had all gotten lost when the site was forced to shut down. We just opened back up last month and we're very happy to welcome all of our new members! Thank you so much for joining! 💖

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